Policies, Guidelines and Important Information

We are excited at the opportunity to help make your event a memorable occasion. Below are policies, guidelines and other important information you’ll need to know when planning your event.


When determining a guest count for your event please attempt to provide as accurate a number as possible. We recommend placing your order as early as possible. A minimum of two weeks’ planning is required for some meals. We reserve the right to refuse events that are requested late or exceed our capacity to provide the service. An additional service fee will be added to events booked fewer than seven business days in advance. This service fee is 25 percent of your order total with a minimum service fee of $35. We require a deposit to be paid in the amount of 50 percent of the balance due three weeks prior to the event date. Payment for the full balance due is required by the day of the event. Our ability to effectively react to an increase in the number of guests attending diminishes as we approach the date of your event. If the guest count increases by 5 percent or more within three days of the event the cost per person will be increased by 5 percent. This charge is assessed to compensate for overtime scheduling and increased product costs associated with last minute purchases.

Guaranteed Attendance

The guaranteed count is due five business days prior to the event.

You will be billed for the guarantee or the number of guests served at the event if that number is higher than the guarantee. If we do not receive a guaranteed count by the deadline, the most current estimated count will become the guarantee.

Room Setup

Rooms will be set for up to 5 percent over the guest count. Should additional place settings, over and above the 5 percent be requested, there will be a charge of $5 per place setting.

Event Planner Service Fee

Your event planner will work closely with you in the detailed planning of your event. Our event supervisors will take over on the day of your event. Should you wish to have your event planner on site on the day of your event a fee of $250 will be assessed.

Cancellation Fees

If cancellation of your event becomes necessary, the following cancellation fees will be assessed:

  • Two-three weeks prior: 50 percent of the estimated food and beverage purchase
  • Less than two weeks prior: 100 percent of the estimated food and beverage purchase

Any special circumstances related to the cancellation (e.g., inclement weather) will be taken into consideration and the cancellation fee may be reduced or waived.

Food and Beverages

All food and beverages will be prepared and supplied by University Catering. Please consult with the catering event planner for special dietary needs. Any leftover food or beverage remains the property of University Catering. Please note that all prices and products in this brochure are subject to change without notice.


We reserve the right to card and/or refuse service at any event. We reserve the right to discontinue bar service at any time during the event if circumstances dictate that it is necessary to do so.

Make sure to fill out the Alcohol Approval Form for your event. 

Buffet Food Quantities

Adequate menu items will be provided for all guests to pass through the buffet or food station one time. If multiple proteins, sides, or desserts are offered and one selection runs out, but the other selection(s) are available, we are not obligated to make more of the missing item.  Example: There is cherry pie and apple pie offered on a buffet and the majority of the first guests through the line all took apple pie, but there is still plenty of cherry pie for the remaining guests, additional apple pie may not be provided.

Leftover Food / Carry Out

Due to health department regulations, leftover perishable foods may not be removed from any event by anyone except food service staff. This policy addresses public safety concerns and is non-negotiable. However, non-perishable items such as whole fruit, baked goods, and canned sodas may be taken from events. University Catering works closely with Food Banks to donate unused food items.

Late Arrivals/Extended Meals

Meals are served promptly as scheduled. We allow 1½ hours of service for breakfast and lunch and 2 hours for receptions and dinner. A charge of $100 per hour will be added to your final bill if the meal runs longer. There is a 6-hour limit for receptions. 

Small Group Fee

A small group fee of $50 will be added to the final bill for services provided to groups of under 25 guests. A fee will be added to full-meal services provided. 


Submit payment here. Payment may be made in cash, credit card or checks payable to “University of Illinois.” All applicable state and local sales tax will be added. Services may be charged to University of Illinois accounts by submitting your account number when making your reservations.

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